Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Back to Normal...

Yesterday and today did a lot to make me feel like things are getting back to normal.

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I had a nice Thai lunch out. Then Mom and I went and saw New Moon. My first movie since the surgery! I did have to take a pain pill because I got a bit uncomfortable, but I think I did pretty well. We got there early so I could get a good seat.

Today, I had a visit from D, who works with me. It was really nice to see her. She brought me some stuff from school and we caught up. She even took a look at my incision.

Tomorrow we're probably going to take a trip up to my apartment and meet my other sister for lunch in Walnut Creek. It'll be nice to see it all decorated up for the holidays. It will probably be crowded, but that might be a bit fun too.

Monday starts my time at physical therapy. Hopefully it goes smoothly. Almost all my surgi-tape has come off, so I can nearly see all of my incision. Some parts of it are coming along nicely, while other parts are still a big gnarly.

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  1. your incision looks awesome, in a gross way : ) i will see you again soon!