Friday, December 4, 2009

Staples Be Gone!

Well that is a relief! Went in to the doc this morning for a 2 week check up and to get my staples removed. It didn't really hurt much. A few of them pinched. The alcohol they rubbed on the incision afterward probably hurt more.

The physician's assistant measured my range of motion. I'm almost to 90 degrees bending and almost to 0 degrees at full extension. She said I'm ahead of the game compared to where many others are at this point and was really happy with my measurements. She also said that my incision looked very good and will heal up well. I didn't want to look at it really yet. But I don't have to cover it any more and it's much more comfortable with the staples out. I have surgi-tape over it that will gradually come off over the next few days.

Tomorrow I can take my first shower since the surgery. Hurrah! I have to wait until tomorrow, otherwise I'd be in there today.

Physical therapy should start up next week if my stupid HMO could get their butts in gear. Things are looking up! Not a bad way to spend my 2 week new knee birthday! :)

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