Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Percocet is Both My Friend & Enemy

Today was rough, not gunna lie. And not because of pain in my knee really. In fact, I feel like I'm putting almost all my weight on my right leg when I'm walking now. I'm still using the walker mainly for balance purposes. I'll switch to crutches in the next day or two I think.

When I came home from the hospital my doc prescribed a duo of pain meds -- Oxycontin for long term relief and Percocet for short term relief. I took the Oxycontin twice a day until they ran out yesterday. The doctor said to only take that for the number of pills prescribed. So today was my first day with just the Percocet. And honestly I didn't need it that much. The knee isn't hurting as much and the calf pain is nearly gone. I'm feeling some twinges up around the staples mainly, although I have felt one or two deeper aches, but nothing major. I'm glad to be off the Oxy too, because there's such a negative connotation associated with that medication.

Now for the down side, the Percocet has a lot of side effects. I've really only dealt with some itchy skin and then the dreaded side effect that no one wants to mention -- constipation. Sure, it's embarassing, but this blog is supposed to be a true account of my experiences so I just gotta lay it out there. It's been probably the roughest part aside from the actual knee. I was warned by people to take fiber, drink a lot of water, and all that. I felt like I have been. But I've still had trouble with it. Today was pretty rough and I felt pretty bad. But, without getting in to details, I'm feeling better now. I need to be more aggressive with it from this point until I'm done taking the meds. I don't want to end up feeling again like I felt today.

Tomorrow I will most likely be going in to the hair dresser to get a really good hair wash and style, since I've been having to wash my hair in the sink since I've been home. Staples come out on Friday, so full showering can commence after that. I can't wait!

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