Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Joys of Won Ton Soup

Had my first meal out today. Mom and I had to go up to my place to get the mail and get some clothes, so we decided to try lunch out afterward. Went to this good Chinese place we like (Uncle Yu's) and I managed ok through the meal. The knee got a little uncomfortable towards the end, but nothing major. I had a big bowl of Won Ton soup, which I couldn't finish. My appetite is still low, although I seem to be feeling hungriest around dinner time lately. It was nice to go out and feel almost normal. Bad idea to wear breathable pants today though... it's chilly willy outside!

Made my first appointment for physical therapy. They can't see me until next Monday though, so that's a pisser. I wish my insurance hadn't taken so long to get it all approved. My insurance is a pain in the butt sometimes to deal with.

After we drove back down we stopped at JoAnne's Fabrics and got two wreaths for the house and some yarn for me for a project I'm going to start. Excited to make what I'm planning!

My school's Christmas Party is this Friday. I am thinking of going for a bit depending on how I feel. My mom will have to come along, since I can't drive. But that will be fun. Have to see how I'm feeling tomorrow or Thursday before I decide for sure though.

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