Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy One Week Birthday, Knee!

Eek I forgot to post anything yesterday. Got a bit wrapped up in the holiday.

So this time last week we were just arriving at the hospital for what would be a loooong wait before the surgery. This week has seemed both very slow and very fast. One week down, five to go.

Yesterday I felt better in most ways. Calf is still swollen and sore, but less so than the days before. A new thing that came up yesterday was heart burn. Where did that come from? And it came like an hour before dinner, so I couldn't eat as much. My appetite in general has been a lot lower due to the pain meds.

One slight complication today - I need one of my pain meds refilled but the doctor's office is closed for the holiday. So I'm waiting for a call back from the doc on call to figure out how we go about getting it filled. The pharmacy is open today at least.

So back to the grind... and by grind I mean sitting in the recliner most of the day except for when I get up to walk or do my exercises.

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