Thursday, November 19, 2009

Surgery Eve

Well this is it, my last day at school. Bittersweet for sure. I've already received some gifts from some kids, including a snuggie which is very cute. I'll miss my kids for sure. I hope they behave while I'm gone!

I almost told the people at Starbucks this morning that I wouldn't be in for awhile. They DO know my name and drink preference after all. But it was too busy so I didn't.

Packed up last night as best I could. Not sure exactly what I should take home with me. I know my parents and I will be going up to my apartment once a week or so probably, so it's not like I won't be able to get things I need. So I mainly packed comfy clothes -- sweatshirts, tee shirts, comfortable pants, slippers, my lined Crocs, etc.

Tonight I have to shower and scrub down with this iodine soap pack the doctor gave me. Have to do the same in the morning too. I remember doing that before I had my hip surgeries and thinking "this is the last time I'll see this part of my leg without a scar on it." In all honesty, I'm not that worried about the scar. I'd rather have a scar and an awesome knee than a bum, crooked knee with no scar. I will, however, miss this one scar I have had on my knee since I was about 10. I totally bit it on my bike and fell hard on the street and cut my knee up. I've had a little circular scar in the middle of my knee ever since. Oh well, good bye old friend!

I doubt I'll get a chance to blog tomorrow, but as soon as I am coherent and with it, I'll post my first blog from the "other side" :) Send me good thoughts tomorrow at around 10:30am Pacific time!


  1. You know what's cool?

    You will soon be bionic!!! It's going to hurt like hell for the first few weeks. Then it's going to get steadily better and better.

    God speed!!! I'll be thinking about you!

  2. Hey Courtney,
    I have been thinking about you today. I know I was pretty out of it for a couple days and made some random phone calls to friends. Sounds like you have a great surgeon and you will be a different woman after this. I am very happy for you and hope you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving. If you hear of any kids acting up, let me know, I'll talk with them for you. Take care and I'll keep in touch.
    Linda (your friend)