Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Better to be Safe Than Sorry... *sigh*

Well yesterday was a good day in general, until around 5pm or so. After sitting in a chair with my leg down or slightly propped up for much of the day, I noticed that my calf was feeling pretty tight. It has been swollen some since the surgery, but it felt even tighter. So I went and lay in bed for a bit, propping it up. It still was bugging me, so I asked my mom to come take a look at it. She agreed it seemed a bit more swollen and noticed it was also warm. This might have been because I was covered up in bed, but she checked the discharge papers and they said that if your leg gets swollen and warm to call the doctor.

So we called the doctor and got a hold of the doctor that was on call from the Orthopedic clinic (he wasn't very nice, but whatever). He said he wanted me to go to the ER in case it was a blood clot. So first I had to freak out because hearing that is scary. My parents decided that we should go back to the Stanford ER rather than going to the nearest one since Stanford is where the surgery was and they had all my records on file. So Dad and I drove up. After some tests and a lot of waiting, they determined there was no clot. They considered putting me on antibiotics since the leg was slightly warm, but decided against that too. They said to be sure to keep it elevated as much as possible today and to always keep my TED hose (for circulation) on and move my ankles a lot. We didn't get home until 1am, so I was pretty exhausted.

Today I'm feeling well. Made it downstairs for the day, cleaned up as best I could. My knee seems to be bending more today, which is good, and the pain is less. I'm trying to not take the pain meds unless I really need to. I don't want to rely on them just like a crutch.

Fingers crossed that today will be as smooth as possible! Here's a picture of Rudy and my knee. Rudy is confused as to why I'm using his bed as a prop for my foot.

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