Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Knee +1

My sister is typing this for me because it is hard to keep my eyes open. Yesterday went fine. The biggest problem was the surgery got delayed three hours. But, the surgery itself seemed smooth and the doctor said it went well. He says my new knee is like the Mona Lisa and he can't believe I walked that long on my old, bad knee! I got out of bed today and stood for a little bit with a walker. Only threw up once. Not too much pain, although I did have a little trouble earlier. But I'm ok now. All the tubes and wires are more irritating than anything else. Some of those will be taken out tomorrow. The pain medication is making me pretty sleepy, so I'm not the best host to my visitors. Hopefully I'll be out of here on Monday. And hopefully I won't be too tired to watch the Ducks beat Arizona this evening!

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