Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well I arrived home from the hospital at around 6pm last night. The discharge process took awhile, which was frustrating, but it felt so good to be home. Managed to stay up until 8 or so, which was good. I made it up the stairs, which was my big goal. I wanted to sleep in my room, not on the hide-a-bed downstairs. It took me a bit to get comfortable, but I managed to sleep decently. Pretty much slept for 3 hours, woke up for a pain pill and readjusting the legs, then slept for 3, repeat.

Right now I'm siting in my parents' room watching the TV and having some breakfast. My appetite is still pretty low, so I'm not pushing myself to eat more than I feel like I need.

I'm on all oral pain meds now, as opposed to the push button IV pain meds I had in the hospital. So far it's working fine. It seems scary at first to see all these pain meds they want you to take because you always hear such negative things about them. But the nurse and doctor both assured me that if you take them as prescribed for as long as prescribed, you won't have a problem. So I'm going to trust their judgment. Plus, I know they are helping with the pain.

I'm still feeling sleepy a lot of the time, but I managed not to nap that much yesterday and I'm hoping to do the same today. Now all I need to do is take it easy. We'll look at starting PT early next week. The doctor said, interestingly enough, that PT isn't always that necessary with young people because they heal up really well on their own. He says I just need to focus on working on my range of motion every day.

So, feeling optimistic today. It's a new day.

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  1. Yay! I am so glad to hear things are going well.