Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

I'm coming in to today feeling optimistic. For one, I physically felt better today than I have in awhile. I'm not sure why exactly. For two, I found a blog written by another young person who went through a TKR. Her experiences made me realize that my surgery and recovery should be smoother than what I am worrying about. I hope my own blog can provide that service to someone at some point. Sometimes all it takes is hearing about what someone else went through and internalizing it and realizing it will all be OK.

Almost through my 2nd to last day at school. Tomorrow will be my last, then I'll be heading down to my parents after school to get ready for the surgery the next morning. I have a feeling that last shower will be bittersweet.

But, I find myself thinking today, "alright, let's do this, let's get it over with." I'm READY to feel better. I'm READY to walk normally. I'm READY to be done with these limitations I have.

I can put up with pain. I put up with it every day. I can do it.

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  1. You're ready. Let's do this!!

    I'm sitting here, almost seven months out, thinking, "Is my knee supposed to hurt this much?" Frankly, it doesn't even hurt that much. I'm sure if I stopped working out so much, it wouldn't hurt at all. And "hurt" is a relative term. I don't even need painkillers of any kind at this point. My ROM is still not what I'd like. However, it's steadily improving. If I end up with what I have, I'll be fine with it as long as my nagging ache (again, from all of my amazonian workouts) goes away.

    You're more than ready. It's all in your attitude.

    See you on the other side, Courtney!